The Benefits of Superfast Broadband

Our lives are more connected than ever so Superfast Broadband will make things even easier at home and at work. 

Faster uploads and downloads

Faster than ever before

Up to 80 Mbit/s downloads and 20 Mbit/s uploads mean less dawdling and more doing.

More people online at the same time

More people online at once

With more and more gadgets and appliances requiring the internet, you need a good internet connection to keep everyone happy. Buffers will be a thing of the past in the future.

Connect with people around the world

Sync with the world

From streaming a wedding to hosting a Skype meeting, improved speeds bring people closer.


More opportunity

Our superfast service responds to a superfast world - in business, creating new opportunities, at home giving you more time to spend on the things you enjoy most.

It's sensational for

home users

Discover the benefits to you

It's fantastic news for


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