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Using this interactive map, you can get a live status for Superfast Broadband availability in your postcode – along with information on what happens next, and how to get connected. Remember, upgrades to faster fibre speeds  don’t happen automatically, you have to order it from your Internet Service Provider.

DSSB Interactive Map Usage

This map gives you the most up to date information available based on the current situation in your local area. Details may change due to a number of factors including engineering and planning constraints, but all information is based on the best view we have today using our current plans and historical analysis of the programme.

The map will give the most accurate results if you use the telephone number for your property. If you don’t have a telephone number or your number is not recognised, you can use your postcode. There can be more than one cabinet in your exchange area, so the map may show that fibre broadband is available in your exchange area where it has not yet reached your cabinet.

The availability of superfast fibre broadband is subject to the products available from your internet service provider, and can be affected by technology constraints specific to your individual circumstances.

Where the map indicates that there are plans to extend fibre broadband coverage to your area, in exceptional circumstances this may change where an unforeseen event affects the provision of fibre broadband.

By choosing to continue you acknowledge and accept these terms.

Is faster broadband available where you live yet?


How do I connect and start enjoying the benefits?

You need to place your order with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). You may already have an ISP, or you might like to shop around and make sure you’re getting the best deal for your needs and circumstances.

For advice and guidance on choosing your ISP, visit Ofcom's Boost Your Broadband site.


Don't worry - Superfast is on its way.

Hopefully our interactive map gives you an idea of when you’ll be able to enjoy Superfast Broadband.

We realise a reliable internet connection is an important part of life at home and at work, so we’ve compiled a range of options for accessing and improving your internet experience while your postcode awaits Superfast.


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Why can't I get a date?

“There’s a plan isn’t there? You must know where my street is on that plan?”

Sounds simple doesn’t it. The reality is - it is not simple, easy or sometimes even possible to predict when your property will gain access to faster broadband.

The information on our ‘Why Can’t I Get A Date?’ pages has been created to help people who know the roll-out of fibre broadband is due to come to their area, but are struggling to find out ‘when’...

It’s one of the questions we get asked the most; “What date am I getting faster broadband?!”  We understand why you want to know and why it’s confusing when we don’t reply with definitive timescale information either via the interactive map or our Enquiries Process. 

Click through and read on for a full explanation of why you can't get a date...