When will there be 100% superfast fibre coverage?

The DSSB programme was designed to maximise the reach of fibre infrastructure across Scotland. Nearly 930,000 premises and counting have access so far, with the vast majority of those premises able to access superfast speeds through that deployment. The programme has delivered its aim of delivering 95% fibre broadband coverage.

Subsequently, the Scottish Government committed to delivering  superfast broadband access –speeds of at least 30Mbps – to every home and business in Scotland by the end of 2021.  Unique in the UK, this Reaching 100% commitment builds on the success of the DSSB programme and, in December 2017, the initial £600m procurement was launched with a focus on ensuring that every part of Scotland will be within reach of accessible fibre, creating new backhaul that will underpin a wide range of technologies, including 4G mobile.

More information on the procurement approach and aligned activity can be found here.  

The UK Government has confirmed that universal high speed broadband will be delivered by a regulatory Universal Service Obligation (USO), giving everyone in the UK access to speeds of at least 10 Mbps by 2020. You can read more detail about the UK Government’s commitment to a regulatory USO here

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