Speed is the word

Our Community Champions are spreading the word in their areas about the difference fibre broadband can make. This is your chance to join the team.

Once fibre broadband is available in an area covered by our programme, we want to share the good news with everyone as fast as possible. That’s where our network of Community Champions comes in.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Champions in your area, working in partnership with our team of Community Project Officers, you can register your interest here

Things you need

  • Enthusiasm and a desire to make a real difference to your local community.

Things you don’t need

  • Special technical knowledge about computers or technology.

Things you might do

  • Tell us about a local event you think we should attend.
  • Distribute leaflets or put up posters.
  • Tell your friends and colleagues about the benefits of fibre broadband.
  • Attend Digital Scotland community events with our team.

There is no specific time commitment involved – how much you do is up to you. Help us spread great news for you and your neighbours.

What’s being a champion like? 

 “It’s exciting and rewarding to know that you’re helping take Scotland towards a better future, where there are more opportunities for all thanks to fibre broadband. I’m particularly motivated by the benefits fibre broadband can bring to education, as well as the way it will connect small local communities to the world.

“The local knowledge that Community Champions bring is invaluable to the programme. I know my local area and I know where banners can be put up and which organisations and shops can post leaflets and what notice boards we can use.”

“I have also organised a Digital Scotland page on the community website as well as advertising at our local football club.”

Bruce Davidson, Tayport