About the programmes

Bringing fibre broadband to Scotland is one of the most ambitious infrastructure programmes in Europe.

The Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme is a key element of the wider Digital Scotland Programme, and supports the Scottish Government’s aim to make Scotland a world-class digital nation by 2020.

In effect, the programme is divided into two sub-projects with dedicated teams – one covering the ‘Highlands and Islands’, and one for the ‘Rest of Scotland’ .

Highlands and Islands

The terrain and dispersed population of Scotland’s more remote areas poses some complex challenges, and has involved installing approximately 800km of new fibre infrastructure and 400km of subsea cabling.

Rest of Scotland

This project committed to reaching over 600,000 premises within 130,000 postcodes. Combined with the Highland and Islands deployment, the DSSB programme achieved its ambition of achieving 95% fibre broadband coverage by the end of 2017. You can see the numbers of premises connected and the speeds they can receive thanks to the DSSB programme here. You can see the coverage the DSSB programme has achieved here.

What's in store for those we haven't reached yet?

No one is forgotten. There are plans in place to bring superfast broadband to anyone not included in the DSSB Programme. You can read our Scottish Government (SG) Digital Strategy and UKG fibre commitment here. In the meantime, you can take steps to improve your broadband speeds with our alternative solutions.

Community officers

The programme has a dedicated team of Community Officers, who make sure communities know when they will have access to faster broadband. They organise local events, work with community stakeholders, and keep everyone up to date with important information.

Why not come along to an event near you, and meet members of the Superfast Broadband team?

Community partners

DSSB Community Champions help spread the word about the huge difference fibre broadband will make when it arrives in your area. As soon as the programme extends to your postcode, they’re out and about, sharing the good news with everyone and explaining the process that will lead to everyone enjoying much faster connections.