A 'long line' is when your cabinet is enabled for fibre but unfortunately your premises are too far from the cabinet to benefit from an uplift of speed.

This is because the last part of the fibre journey is over the existing infrastructure and there is a distance limitation on the technology. The distance from the cabinet to your property has to be no more than 1.2kms to receive superfast speeds.

Please be aware the 1.2kms distance limitation is as the infrastructure runs, not as the eye can see - these can be two very different things.

If you are on a 'long line' - you could still see some benefit from connecting to a fibre service, although it wouldn't be a superfast speed. This would mean that you would receive a speed lower than 24Mbps.

There is a direct relation between your line length and speed achievable which means some 'long lines' whilst not receiving a superfast service, could likely get a speed that is between 5-15Mbps.

To do this you will need to contact a service provider that offers this type of service.  

We can not recommend a supplier, but to our knowledge there are three suppliers who provide a service to those on a ‘long line’. They are  BT's ‘Better Broadband’ and Zen Internet and Sky Broadband.

There may be other suppliers of broadband - we have quoted the two above as examples only - for a full list of ISPs who may provide a service if you are on a 'long line' then please visit the broadband comparison page.