R100 - Superfast access for all

Superfast access for all

No-one is forgotten in the superfast journey.

When will there be 100% superfast coverage?

The Scottish Government has committed to providing superfast broadband access - speeds of at least 30Mbps - to every home and business in Scotland. Unique in the UK, the Reaching 100% (R100) programme builds on the success of the DSSB programme and will ensure universal superfast broadband access.

The 100% target will be met as a result of three strands of activity – the R100 contracts, a superfast broadband voucher scheme and commercial coverage. Contracts were awarded in three geographical areas, or ‘lots’ – North, Central and South.

All of the planned R100 build in the South lot, and the vast majority in the North and Central lots, will use full fibre – or Fibre to the Premises – which means gigabit capable speeds. As much of the technology delivered will go beyond the original superfast commitment, the civil engineering works will take time. Additional support will be provided to ensure that everyone can access a broadband service that can support superfast speeds by the end of 2021 delivered through our national demand-led voucher scheme, the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme, which launched in September 2020.

This will provide grants to broadband customers in residential and business premises, offering support to access a range of technologies and suppliers. Anyone not able to access superfast broadband through the R100 programme by the end of 2021 – even if R100 will ultimately reach them – will also be eligible for the voucher scheme. Find out more about vouchers.

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