Faster speeds

Superfast works hard to help you work faster. From downloading large files via Dropbox to uploading tender submissions, high speed means less stress.



Superfast increases flexibility. When you are running a business on the move you need to go fast and Superfast does just that, wherever you are. At home, out of town, in the city – round-the-clock high performance.



Globally connected

With disparate workforces and customer networks increasingly common, Superfast boosts Scottish business. Buffer-free face-time, dynamic client services, speedy transactions and scalable success are all Superfast benefits.


Cost saving

Superfast opens up greater online data storage options that dramatically reduce computer hardware costs, and increases access to hosted applications software and lower licensing overheads.

Jim Gales MBE, who lives with his wife Janet and Guide Dog Zeb, in the village of Springfield, near Cupar, has been amazed at the difference fibre broadband has made to him. Jim, who is blind, works from home managing and developing three different organisations that promote sport for people with disabilities in Scotland. These are Disabled Curling Scotland, Vision Impaired Golf Alliance  and the Scottish Disability Golf Partnership.