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To start enjoying the faster speeds of a fibre connection, you need to place an order with an internet service provider.  Upgrade is not automatic.  You can use any service provider.  if you need advice on who to chose click below to view the Ofcom accredited broadband comparison sites. 

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Why can't I get a date?

“There’s a plan isn’t there? You must know where my street is on that plan?”

Sounds simple doesn’t it. The reality is - it is not simple, easy or sometimes even possible to predict when your property will gain access to faster broadband.

The information on our ‘Why Can’t I Get A Date?’ pages has been created to help people who know the roll-out of fibre broadband is due to come to their area, but are struggling to find out ‘when’...

It’s one of the questions we get asked the most; “What date am I getting faster broadband?!”  We understand why you want to know and why it’s confusing when we don’t reply with definitive timescale information either via the interactive map or our Enquiries Process. 

Click through and read on for a full explanation of why you can't get a date... 

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