At the very start of the programme a plan was agreed on ‘where’ we would be rolling out fibre broadband. These areas are known as the ‘intervention area’ and dictate whether we’ll deliver fibre broadband to your property.

When we receive an enquiry, we look up the address to see if it is in the intervention area - in other words part of our plan. 

The Scottish Government created this legally defined intervention area, which showed where public money could be invested, by first carrying out a full Open Market Review (OMR). The review established where the telecoms industry already was rolling out or intended to roll-out through existing commercial plans.

In Scotland, this was via Openreach and Virgin Media and their combined plans showed coverage would only reach 66% of all Scotland’s homes and businesses.

The Scottish Government then created a draft intervention area based on the results of the OMR which went out for public consultation in late 2012.

Following this consultation, the intervention area was agreed in early 2013. The contracts for deployment were then based on this intervention area. This was required to ensure the programme complied with with European State Aid legislation, and that public funds would be concentrated on areas that would not have access to fibre broadband without Scottish Government interventionNext Page...

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