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  • On schedule

    The fibre network has been taking shape on schedule across Scotland, bringing access to fibre broadband to 95% of homes and businesses by the end of 2017. Thanks to additional funding leveraged into the programme, we are continuing to build throughout 2019 and into 2020. This funding is from a combination of efficiency savings, innovation and 'Gainshare' funding as a result of our success in achieving higher than predicted fibre take-up levels.

    Deployment will focus on delivering speed uplifts to 24Mbps to premises we have already deployed fibre access to, but who have slower speeds, and also on coverage, taking fibre to the edges of rural areas which are typically more costly to reach and at the limits of our cost cap.

    All of the deployment which DSSB has planned will now be complete during 2020.

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  • What’s in store for those we haven’t reached yet?

    Even if you live or work in an area that won't be connected to fibre by the DSSB programme, there are still ways to access much faster internet speeds. Find options here to help improve your speed until the faster fibre reaches you.

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  • When will there be 100% coverage for everyone?

     There are plans underway to reach every home and business in Scotland. You can find out more about them here.

    Reaching 100% superfast coverage

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