Green Datacentres Vision and Action Plan

In March 2021, the Scottish Government launched the Green Datacentres and Digital Connectivity Vision and Action Plan.  We are now working in partnership with Scottish Enterprise (SE), the country’s economic development agency, on delivery of the ambition within the Vision and Action Plan with a particular focus on strengthening the ecosystem and supply chain for the sector within Scotland.

If you have an interest in green data hosting in Scotland or would otherwise like to explore and discuss further, please direct your enquiry to Scottish Enterprise’s Green Data Support Service

Independent research commissioned by Scottish Futures Trust (SFT)

SFT has commissioned a number of research studies to examine the case for investment in and development of the datacentre industry in Scotland and the ability to obtain wider international subsea fibreoptic connectivity. 

Below are the links to download those documents.

Edge Datacentres: Knowledge Pack

Produced in March 2024, this Edge Datacentre Requirements Pack is intended for interested third parties who want to learn more about edge datacentres.

Edge Datacentres Knowledge Pack

Datacentre Site Selection Report – Short List

In 2023 SFT commissioned consultants to refresh the Datacentre Site Selection Short List report to provide to provide an overview of the best potential datacentre locations in Scotland with the aim of accelerating investment from the datacentre sector.

Short List - Datacentre Site Development Report

Datacentre Site Selection Report – Long List

In 2023 SFT commissioned consultants to refresh the Data Centre Site Selection Long List report to provide an in-depth look at where new datacentres could be located across Scotland, with the aim of accelerating investment from the data centre sector. 

Long List - Datacentre Site Development Report

Global Marine Report (2018)

Global Marine were appointed (via competition) to undertake a full, detailed Desktop Study (DTS) investigation on the most appropriate physical landing sites for subsea fibreoptic cables on the North/West coasts of Scotland. This report provides a wealth of detailed information on the potential for a route from Ireland (Dublin) to Scotland (Irvine) and also the potential to land a transatlantic cable at the same location. Produced in November 2018.

Global Marine Report 2018

Deloitte Enhanced connectivity Report (2018)

Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) appointed Deloitte to undertake an Economic Impact Assessment of datacentres and international subsea connectivity. Produced in September 2018.

SFT Enhanced Connectivity Report

Farrpoint/Pioneer Consulting Subsea Connectivity Feasibility Study

Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) commissioned this report to investigate the cost, complexity and deliverability of a number of subsea fibre options from the North coast of Scotland to Edinburgh. The analysis within this report focuses on the cable route options using a three-stage approach to identify the technical requirements, to carry out spatial analysis, and to identify potential and subsequent high-level costings. Produced in June 2021.

SFT Subsea Connectivity Feasibility Study

Gartner Report (2018)

SFT commissioned a study to provide an understanding of the current and projected demand for data/datacentres in Scotland and recommendations for how Scotland can address this demand/opportunity. Produced in January 2018.

Gartner Report 2018