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Mary Smith

Monday, 02 July 2018

Living in Grange, Perth and Kinross, Mary Smith and her family have seen incredible results from upgrading to fibre broadband. As a family of five they have been able to connect multiple devices to the internet and all work away happily at the same time, from watching TV programmes to working from home.


Multiple Devices

“Since upgrading we’ve been able to connect and use our wi-fi enabled devices without any problems and the new router hasn't dropped the connection once!”

As a family of five there are undoubtedly different uses of the internet in the Smith household. Before fibre broadband the family struggled to maintain a strong enough connection that was able to cope with more than one device.

However, since signing up to fibre broadband it has revolutionised the way that the Smith family can now use the internet. They can now connect with multiple devices, allowing for simultaneous streaming options. This has allowed Mary to be working from home at the same time as her children are able to stream kids TV.

Mary says: "Prior to being connected to high-speed fibre broadband, the fastest internet download speed that we were able to receive was around 4Mbps and at times the connection dropped completely. This impacted on my ability to work from home and limited the streaming services that our family could use.

“However, since signing up to fibre broadband we have had a reliable service and we are maintaining download speeds in excess of 50Mbps. This means I can now confidently work from home without worrying if the broadband router will disconnect and my family can use streaming services.”

Internet Shopping

Living in a rural location, finding a way to get the family to the nearest shopping centre can often be a long drive. Having upgraded to fibre broadband, the Smith family have easily and efficiently been able to invest in internet shopping.

Mary says: “As a family of five, with two working parents, it’s difficult sometimes to find time to visit our local shopping outlets and certainly takes a lot of organising. “Since signing up to fibre broadband we have been able to try out and use internet shopping facilities. As we now have a constant connection I have been able to spend time browsing without getting frustrated with buffering.”

Constant Connection

Before upgrading to fibre broadband, the family had a major issue with the fact that the broadband connection just couldn’t keep a constant connection. This was especially an issue in the evenings and weekends when the connection would tend to drop out completely.

Mary added: "We felt the service we received previously was not reliable and the broadband router would often drop the connection, which was even more of an issue on the weekends. On Saturday mornings the children would use the internet to stream media or play games and I cannot remember a single Saturday morning when our service didn't drop the connection.

“Since we've upgraded they’ve been able to connect and use their wi-fi enabled devices without any problems and the new router hasn't dropped the connection once!”

“I would encourage everyone to check the Digital Scotland website to find out if you can get the service. The difference it has made to me and my family has been incredible!”