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Ensuring safety and wellbeing in Applecross

Saturday, 03 December 2022

The Scottish Government’s Scottish 4G Infill Programme (S4GI) is a £28.75 million initiative delivering 4G infrastructure and services in up to 55 mobile “notspots” in rural and remote parts of Scotland. S4GI is being delivered in partnership with WHP Telecoms and the Scottish Futures Trust, and is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to support activity in the Highlands and Islands.

Having improved connectivity in remote areas has been both life-changing and reassuring for many local residents and businesses.

Mike Arkley owns the local business Mountain and Sea Guides and is delighted with the S4GI Applecross mast. Reliable connectivity plays a key role in running his business effectively and safely as well as giving him peace of mind. He said:  

"The 4G signal has created more opportunity for us and has added to the security and viability of our business, helping to create and protect rural jobs."

“The recent activation of the 4G mast in Applecross has ended years of problems at our watersports kayak base on Applecross Bay."

“Until now we have been unable to call, text or receive internet weather forecasts, a vital part of the safety provision on our sea kayak courses."

“We can now answer potential client questions instantly and can now even take bookings in real time as well as payments."

“This allows businesses in remote locations a chance to operate on a level playing field with those in strong signal areas."

This case study is an example of the huge benefits the #S4GI programme is bringing to local communities. Find out more here: Scottish 4G infill programme: progress update - (